How to create Facebook Usernames and URL shortening

Ever wonder how some personal pages and business pages on Facebook have such short URLs? I recently learned how to make really short Facebook URLs, so here are some tips and guidelines.

Step 1: Get a Facebook "Username" for your personal Page or business Page
Visit this Facebook Help topic and follow the steps.

After your complete Facebook's prescribed steps, your Facebook URL will be

Step 2: Shorten your new Facebook URL even further
If you create business cards or otherwise need an even shorter way to communicate your Facebook URL (emails, text messages), you can use the following shorteners, which are equivalent to the above longer URL:
-- or -- 

For example, mine is or

There's no need to sign up for the URLs above in Step 2; they automatically work if you have a Username already defined from Step 1 above.

Related tip: There's a way to shorten any Facebook URL to . Visit and enter any Facebook URL and it will shorten to an address. This is a useful technique for shortening lengthy Facebook photo URLs, for example. 

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