iPhone Photo Apps, easy to use

What are some easy-to-use iPhone photo apps?  Here are some apps I'm enjoying.

1.  ShakeItPhoto:  99 cents, take Polaroid-looking photos with your phone. This is the easiest faux-laroid app and gives consistently good results.
2.  Lo-Mob: $1.99, my favorite and gives you a multitude of retro-looking variations, including polaroid, slide film, 35mm, medium format, etc.
3.  AutoStitch: $2.99. Dead simple panorama stitching. Take a series of iPhone photos, and this app will stitch them together as a pano; it works just as well as Photoshop.
4. Free iPhone companion to the photo sharing site from Adobe. Even if you don't use, this app does a great job editing any photos on your phone: lighten, darken, saturate, crop, etc.
5.  BUMP Free. This app lets you share photos, iPhone to iPhone, plus contacts and other types of files.
6.  GorrilaCam: Free, does cool stuff like time-lapse, self-timer, press anywhere on the screen to snap.
7.  PhotoCaddy: $2.99.  Not technically a photo app.  It's a scenario-based tutorial app for amateur photographers. If you own a DSLR camera, this will help you take better photos based on easy-to-follow scenarios. For instance, if you're out in the bright sun, look up "bright sun" and it will give you specific tips.
8.  Best Camera by Chase Jarvis, a Seattle photographer/director. It's got all the common filters you might want: warm, cold, lighten, darken, black & white, border, and creative filters like vignetting (darkened corners).  It connects directly to Facebook and Twitter.
The idea is that the "best camera" is the camera you have with you, whether it's your phone or your point & shoot. In my glove compartment, I keep my old Canon S30 3.2 megapixel, circa 2001. It shoots raw! It takes great images. (in general, the fewer the megapixels, the better the image.)

==>random iPhone tip: did you know you can double-tap the space bar to get a period (.)?  I didn't.
==>coming soon: point & shoot camera tips.