Although my true love is my wonderful wife, my first love was photography. As a child, I learned using my father's 35mm Pentax equipment. As a teenager I spent entire summers photographing friends and strangers alike, developing an observant style. As an adult I've kept that natural style, preferring to tell stories that capture the essence of a relationship between family members, bride and groom, or between a person and their environment.

After years of assignment, editorial and architectural work for clients around the country, I bring that experience to this venture, capturing people as they really are.

How I Work

I don't rush. I get natural-looking results by ensuring that everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I will let children and families do their thing, letting character reveal itself. I'll then shoot when appropriate, as well as set up shots as needed. For weddings, I approach any shoot with the intent to document the day in a natural way, capturing the spontaneity, joy, and humor of the day, and the quiet moments as well. But I also include set-up shots with family & friends because those are important; I'll make sure you get what you're looking for.